Ship of Prey, The

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ship_of_prey_websiteHang on to the edge of your seat as Lt. Robert Hurley faces off against modern-day pirates, smugglers, air disasters and Mother Nature in these eight harrowing adventures.

  • News-Reel Rescue
  • The Ship of Prey (novelette)
  • Mystery on Indian Key (novelette)
  • The Pirate of Vaca Lagoon (novelette)
  • High Wind
  • A Hunch in Time
  • The Law of Hot Pursuit
  • Hurricane Patrol

Plus a few of the real adventures of Leland Jamieson are recounted in these articles:

  • Shroud Lines
  • High Courage by Warren T. Jamieson (An account of the flying exploits of the other two Jamieson brothers.)
  • An Aviator's Scrapbook
  • Vigil in the Sky

Appendix B presents a bibliography of works by Leland S. Jamieson.

With an introduction by Tom Roberts.

Cover art by Joseph Chenoweth.

Leland Jamieson (1904-1941) was a nationally-recognized aviator during the golden age of flight, training military flyers at Kelly Field, Texas during the late 1920s; later taking over as the regular civilian pilot of an Eastern Air Lines  commercial flight from Miami.

A top-notch author, with four novels to his credit, Jamieson's popular fiction drew from his real-life adventures and appeared regularly in the Saturday Evening Post consecutive to when he was penning the exploits of Lt. Robert Hurley for Blue Book. Other stories were sold to Redbook, Country Gentleman, American, This Week and Adventure with technical articles running in Popular Mechanics.

A burgeoning writing career was cut short when Leland Jamieson died in Jacksonville, Florida at age thirty-seven from pancreatic cancer.


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Title: Ship of Prey, The
Author: Leland Jamieson
Genre: Adventure/Aviation
ISBN: 978-1-884449-xx-x
Price: $22.95 / Trade paperback / 230 pages

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