Flying Freebooters

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flying_freebooters_websiteThe thunder of roaring engines and unleashed Lewis guns fill the sky above the South China Sea as Captains Ben Cowan and Luke Lance dive into a series of investigations as flying detectives in these three pulse-pounding air adventure novels.


Isle of Lost Wings
"Five must die!" came the eerie voice over the shortwave.
When the Spinthrift is discovered adrift and abandoned, K.O. Pike dispatches his top operative, Ben Cowan, to investigate the disappearance of the yacht's millionaire owner and a killer sky-trail beckons from Borneo to Singapore!

Flying Freebooters
A shadowy plane shoots down Luke Lance over the ancient growth jungles of Malaysia. The Straits Agency, attempting to recover their lost pilot, encounters a group of deadly sky pirates and smugglers that threatens the sovereignty of peaceful nations along an imperiled coast!

Fighting Wings
After the son of the Rajah of Baharu is kidnapped, the Straits Agency detectives are called on to locate the youth. In the process Luke Lance unearths the mysterious White Mask and an ancient enemy returned from the past seeking vengeance!


With an introduction by award-winning author Evan Lewis.

Cover art by George Rozen.


"This books gets my Highest Recommendation."—Amazon (Five Stars)

Book Details

Title: Flying Freebooters
Author: Frederick Nebel
Genre: Adventure / Aviation
ISBN: 978-1-884449-45-1
Price: Trade paperback / 214 pages / Price: $19.95 US
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