Bullets In the Black

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bullets_in_the_black_website"Walt Coburn has produced some of the best Western fiction of our time. He has been read and appreciated because of the authentic ring to his plots and the quality of humanness in his characters. Like a classic design, Coburn has endured."—Arizona Republic

From Walt Coburn, the "Cowboy Author," come these five previously uncollected novellas and the shorter title story, each from the pages of Western Story Magazine.

Bullets in the Black

An aging sheriff and a pink-faced recruit face brutal ruffians along the border.

Out of the Dark

A primal fear of what emerges from the night provides the foundation to this story of anxiety and psychological drama when ancient deeds resurface for Pete Gillis.

Range Robbers

Plans are set into motion for an Eastern Syndicate to acquire, through any means possible, the one parcel of land that prevents them from controlling the entire section.

Gun-lords of Tortilla Range

Looking to avenge an old wrong, Cabe McCall rides to Arizona hoping to tracking down the shadowy killers of his brother only to find himself thrust into an even deeper and deadlier mystery.

Killers of Coyote Pass

Tom Gaines learns that driving cattle though the only mountain pass for a hundred miles is treacherous enough without rustlers' gunfire raining down on you.

Riders of the Ghost Trail

Just when he thought all was dead and buried, Slim Fergus is suddenly confronted with ghosts from his past.


With an introduction by James Reasoner.


Cover art by Walter M. Baumhofer.


[Published by arrangement with the Golden West Literary Agency. All rights reserved.]

Book Details

Title: Bullets In the Black
Author: Walt Coburn
Genre: Western / Adventure
ISBN: 978 -1-884449-47-5
Price: Trade paperback / 174 pages / Price: $15.95 US

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