Treason Trust, The

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treason_trust_cover_website"Without his skill as a chemist and his application of forensic science to the solving of mysteries, there might not be such an emphasis on scientific methods in the crime dramas on television in the 21st century."—J. Randolph Cox

The Lost Craig Kennedy Stories

Before CSI, there was Craig Kennedy, the most famous "scientific detective" of all time.

Follow Kennedy, known as "the American Sherlock Holmes," as he unravels a web of dope, kidnapping and white slavery in "The Abduction Club," deciphers the case of "The Stolen War Secret," and battles espionage, duplicity and treachery while helping to protect the American home front in "The Treason Trust," "The Film Murder," "The Star-Shell" and "The Love Game."

Extremely popular when written, this is the first book appearance of these novellas and short stories in their original form since their initial publications.

With an introduction by J. Randolph Cox.

Book Details

Title: The Treason Trust
Author: Arthur B. Reeve
Genre: Fiction / Mystery
ISBN: 978 -1-884449-55-0
Price: Trade paperback / 260 pages / Price: $14.95 US
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#1 2015-04-05 16:08
I'm about halfway through TREASON TRUST, and I must say it is a great read. If you are already a fan of the Craig Kennedy stories, you should know that these rate with his best. If you have not read any of Kennedy's cases, you are in for a treat. He truly IS the American Holmes, and with his sidekick and literary voice Walter Jameson, these stories should appeal to any fan of Holmes or vintage mysteries. The "scientific" angle to the cases and the procedural approach still remain fresh after a century! In short, these stories are a must-read for the vintage mystery fan. Thanks for publishing this wonderful volume!

Thank you for the feedback. I am pleased to hear you are enjoying the Reeve stories. —Tom

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