Men Who Made the Argosy, The

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During its nearly 70 year publishing history, Argosy magazine ran biographical and autobiographical columns and photos of its contributors. This book collects these articles and photographs along with biographical articles about publisher Frank A. Munsey, as well as other statistical information documenting the influence of the first and longest running pulp magazine.

Trade paperback. Cover price not set.

Biographies include:

  • Edgar Rice Burroughs
  • Frank L. Packard
  • Raoul Whitfield
  • Johnstone McCulley
  • H.Bedford -Jones.
  • Erle Stanley Gardner
  • W.C. Tuttle
  • Talbot Mundy
  • F. Van Wick Mason
  • Malcolm Wheeler Nicholson
  • A. Merritt
  • Victor Rousseau
  • Ellis Parker Butler
  • Norbert Davis

Any many more!

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Title: The Men Who Made the Argosy
Author: Tom Roberts (ed.) & Gene Christie (ed.)
Genre: Non-fiction
ISBN: ———
Price: Not set

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