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mindship_websiteDo you know what kind of ship this is? It's not just any ship, it's a mindship. It needs emotion, any kind of emotion, to power its drives. Love, hate, lust, greed, envy: it doesn't matter, so long as the emotion is strong. It needs a man whose emotions are deeper than normal or natural. A hundred emotionally sick minds are filtered through one sane mind, the safety valve, the Cork, who transits them into a stream of energy to power a mindship. Are you that man, Kilgarin? Can you control a mindship?

I stand apart from the ship in my analog web, gazing down at a ball of light webbed with energy, psychic power, a hundred mental waves curling upon them, waves on a blackened, muddy shore, churning up soot and soil, foaming coils of power. Central to that silent storm is the prism of the Cork's mind-field, which shoves the Charter through the Back Region, a helix blue and white behind us.

I stand apart from the ship, held in the electric stress of the web structured about me by the shipboard computers. I guide the mindship with careful bursts of power, energy applied through the field my crew members create around me overseeing the flow of the mind-drive.

Behind the ship are the stars. Ahead, the golden glow of hyperspace. We move through . . . and in.

Like a golden bird, we fly.

The Charter flies!

Now the Company is having trouble all across the Outworld colonies with some in open rebellion. This rebellion and overwhelming raw hatred of the Company has now spread from the colonies to the mindships! Hundreds of sick minds pour out the filth of their souls that must be absorbed and redirected by Kilgarin to power the Charter.

Can one man siphon such hatred and hold it all together? Or will it drive him mad?


Cover art by Tom Roberts

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Book Details

Title: Mindship
Author: Gerry Conway
Genre: Science Fiction
ISBN: 978-1-928619-88-8
Price: $14.95 US / Trade paperback / 152 pp.

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