Space Annihilator, The

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space_annihilator_websiteThe Space Annihilator: Early Science Fiction from The Argosy, 1896-1910, collects 16 tales from the first of the many "pulp" magazines that dominated America's literary landscape in the first half of the twentieth century. Most of the authors are unknown and most of these stories have never been reprinted.

"It's the force and originality of the ideas that makes these stories important and historic," comments pulp historian Gene Christie, who edited the collection and contributed an introduction. "More than a hundred years ago, our great-grandparents were actually reading about what we know today as laser beams, the Star Trek ‘transporter,' cellular telephones and man-made earth satellites. It's really hidden history, and these mostly obscure authors deserve to be known and credited for their daring and prophetic concepts."

One of the highlights of The Space Annihilator is the first published story by Gertrude Barrows, whose later work under the pseudonym Francis Stevens was praised by H.P. Lovecraft, A. Merritt and other masters of fantasy. As "Stevens," Barrows is credited with originating both the alternate universe story and the "dark fantasy" tale.

Other writers include Frank Lillie Pollock, Bertram Lebhar and Howard R. Garis, who created the "Uncle Wiggley" character that entertained generations of small children.

With an Introduction by Gene Christie.

Cover art by Frank R. Paul.



"[Black Dog Books] always puts out a quality product and this is no exception. A must-have if you're a student of the early pulps."—Pulpdom

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Title: The Space Annihilator
Author: Gene Christie (ed.)
Genre: Science Fiction
ISBN: 978-1-928619-87-1
Price: $15.95 US / Trade paperback / 160 pp.
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