Red Witch, The

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red_witch_cover_sample_website1149 A.D. In Italy the Pope preaches Crusade, and the Christian states of Europe send their armies warring to the Holy Land. Sicily, under King Roger II, lies in an uneasy peace. From within, the Norman conquerors who now rule the island face unrest from their Muslim subjects. From without, the Germans, the French, the English, the Byzantines and the Berbers of Africa all covet mastery of the strategically placed isle.

The fortress of Rocca Forte is key to the continued Norman rule of Sicily. Roger has entrusted it to one of his staunchest allies, Count Arnulfo, a mighty warrior known as the Iron Arm. But Arnulfo is growing old and has no son. His beautiful daughter, Lady Fulvia, has courage and wit in abundance and is skilled with sword and bow . . . but is only a woman. Faced with war, confronted by those who wish to marry her for their own unscrupulous ends, what can one woman do? The fate of Norman Sicily rides on the answer . . .

The Lady Fulvia stories appearing in  Adventure magazine between 1918 and 1920. Authors Farnham Bishop and Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur, well-known in the pages of Adventure for coupling their attention to historical detail with rousing action and memorable characters. Lady Fulvia may have been their most interesting creation; a woman seeking to impose her will in a bloody man's world, to save the land of her birth. As Bishop and Brodeur stated in their introduction to the series, "She is the storm-center of Sicily; Sicily is the storm-center of the world."

The Red Witch collects for the first time the complete Lady Fulvia of Rocca Forte cycle of five short stories and one novel.

Included are:

  • The Golden Snare
  • The Iron Arm
  • The Quest of Gaimar the Grim
  • The Red Witch
  • The Pass of Blood
  • The Hand of the Mahdi (novel)


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Title: The Red Witch
Author: Farnham Bishop & Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur
Genre: Adventure
ISBN: ——
Price: Trade paperback / 226 pages / Price: $22.95 US

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