Paths of Fire

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Leaving home for the sea at age fourteen, Albert Richard Wetjen (1900-1948), was shipwrecked twice before his sixteenth birthday. On the later occasion he survived five weeks on an island before being rescued.

Once back to sea, to pass the time between ports, Wetjen began to read. Less than impressed by some of the fiction he read, which lacked believability, he knew he could tell a better story himself by simply drawing upon his working knowledge of ships and the tribulations of men at sea.

By age twenty-two, only a few years after his first attempts at composing fiction, Dick Wetjen was a regular contributor to the Saturday Evening Post and Collier's, simultaneously selling stories to the pulp magazines Action Stories, Adventure, Short Stories and Everybody's.

Paths of Fire assembles some of the Wetjen's finest and most riveting tales of adventure.

Included are:

  • Before the Coming of the Shark (introduction) by Tom Roberts
  • Gun-Running
  • The Holding of the Rasmus
  • Under the Southern Cross
  • The Boomerang
  • Treasure of the Sacrament
  • Exit
  • East of the Solomons
  • The Killer
  • Paths of Fire
  • Crimson Shells
  • Pearl Fever
  • Last Cruise of the Fuscia Tuan
Appendix A
  • Life Stranger than Fiction (nonfiction)
Appendix B
  • Storm
  • The Eternal Feminine
  • Glut of the Sea
  • Reversion
  • The Unknown Soldier
  • The Wreck of the Bengal Pride
  • Man Stuff
Appendix C
  • Socialism is Defended (nonfiction)
  • People Crave the Forbidden (nonfiction)
With an introduction by Tom Roberts

Cover art by Hubert Rogers.

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Title: Paths of Fire
Author: Albert Richard Wetjen
Genre: Adventure
ISBN: 978-1-884449-31-4
Price: Trade paperback / 319 pages / Price: $19.95 US
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