Terror, Inc.

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  • When a series of gruesome corpses is discovered entombed in its freshly-paved streets, a city is cloaked in a bloody shroud of terror . . .
  • All Hollywood lives in dread as The Spark, a mysterious super-villain, launches a killing spree using inexplicable methods . . .
  • A metropolis is invaded by an unstoppable invisible horde of ruthless killers bent on domination . . .


These are but some of the weird mysteries encountered in


Fear-wrapped tales of detection from
the author of Doc Savage!

In the month's proceeding his acceptance of the Doc Savage assignment that would change his life, Lester Dent's creative output was directed towards penning a series of weird mysteries for A.A Wyn's Detective Dragnet /Ten Detective Aces magazine. Terror, Inc. collects these rare and hard-to-come-by works, comprising six novellas, in book form for the first time.

Included are:

  • Terror, Inc.
  • The Devil's Cargo
  • The Invisible Horde
  • The Whistling Death
  • The Cavern of Heads
  • Murder Street

Volume 5 of the Lester Dent Library.

With an introduction by historian Will Murray.

Cover art by Norman Saunders.

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Book Details

Title: Terror, Inc.
Author: Lester Dent
Genre: Detective/Weird Mystery
ISBN: 978-1-884449-46-8
Price: Trade paperback / 200 pages / Price: $19.95 US
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