Rajah From Hell, The

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A Hindu prince seeks retribution for an ancient offense.

Now four men have been marked for murder!

Does the prince carry out his threat?

Or can his revenge be thwarted?

Find out the thrilling answers in The Rajah From Hell!


With an introduction by James Reasoner.

Included are:

  • The Thunderbolt of Indra
  • The Diamond Death
  • The Devil's Fire
  • He Who Sets A Trap (novelette)

"These are superb yarns of suspense, written in terse, hardboiled prose.

"The stories that make up The Rajah From Hell possess an added appeal. As Dashiell Hammett did in The Maltese Falcon, Bedford-Jones has taken a basic storyline that's pure pulp—Mysterious, sinister Indians! Obscure murder methods! A vengeance quest that lasts for years!—and couched it in modern, realistic terms, producing a highly entertaining amalgam. Take a look and you'll see what I mean. I think you'll be thoroughly entertained."—James Reasoner from his introduction.


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Book Details

Title: Rajah From Hell, The
Author: H. Bedford-Jones
Genre: Mystery
ISBN: 978 -1-884449-32-1
Price: Trade paperback / 100 pages / Price: $10.00 US
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