Demons of the Night

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Best known as a prolific contributor to Weird Tales, Seabury Quinn created an impressive body of literature prior to and parallel with his first sales to that magazine. Demons of the Night spotlights those early works, including his first published article, his first fiction sale, and stories from his extremely rare Washington Nights' Entertainment and Problems of Professor Forrester series.

Three of the works in this volume were previously unknown, and five have never been reprinted in their entirety anywhere since the original magazine appearances, as long as nine decades ago.

Introduction by Gene Christie.

Bonus: Included is an extensive bibliography of the writings of Seabury Quinn

Cover art by Greg Hildebrandt.

Stories include:

  • Demons of the Night
  • Was She Mad
  • The Stone Image
  • Painted Gold
  • The Cloth of Madness
  • Romance Unawares
  • Ravished Shrines
  • Out of the Land of Egypt
  • In a Fog
  • The Black Widow
Plus the nonfiction
  • The Law of the Movies



"These stories show a different side of Seabury Quinn . . . but it's one I wouldn't mind seeing more of."—CRAIG CLARKE/Somebody Dies


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Title: Demons of the Night
Author: Seabury Quinn
Genre: Horror
ISBN: 978-1-928619-78-9
Price: $19.95 / Trade paperback / 186 pages
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