Saga of Thady Shea, The

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When down-and-out actor Thaddeus Shea is picked up off a desolate road in an ore-rich region of New Mexico, little does he realize he will be thrust into the middle of a struggle for mining rights between the local residents, a greedy and power-hungry land baron and an Eastern mining conglomerate.

How does the discovery and subsequent theft of seven stone statues—the Gods of the San Marcos, sacred mystic symbols to the local Navajo people—factor into the fight? Will the Gods of the San Marcos come to the rescue of their people? Will progress win out? Or will the people of the land prevail?

Discover the startling answer when opposing forces collide in The Saga of Thady Shea.


First serialized in Street & Smith's People's Favorite Magazine in 1919–1920, this is a great, early novel  from that master of the adventure story, H. Bedford-Jones.

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Book Details

Title: The Saga of Thady Shea
Author: H. Bedford-Jones
Genre: Adventure
ISBN: 978 -1-884449-40-6
Price: Trade paperback / 119 pages / Price: $11.95 US
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