Red Trails

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red_trails_website1774 . . . with a revolution that would turn the world upside down looming in the near future . . .

In this panorama of early American life, the vast lands beyond the colonies were a rich vista, sprawling all the way to the Mississippi and filled with an abundance of resources and hardships for those brave enough to venture forth into the wilderness. These hardships would only be overcome by those who seized the opportunity with both hands and fought mightily for and sometimes against the land.

Armed with flintlock, knife, hatchet, and an unquenchable spirit, these pioneers trekked over the western slopes of the Alleghenies and into an unknown frontier filled with peril. In this overlooked period of U.S. history known as Dunmore's War, Native Americans aided by hostile European agents waged a bloody campaign in their effort to stop the expansion of the white settlers, and the fate of what might soon be a new nation hung in the balance.

With an introduction by Troy D. Smith, PhD., Spur Award and Peacemaker Award winning author and historian.

Cover design by Tom Roberts.


NOTE: This edition is authorized by Hugh Pendexter III.
Hugh Pendexter (1875-1940) began his career as a newspaper man but soon started selling short humorous tales in 1904. Within a few years he moved into historical dramas and Westerns. For the next three decades his work became a mainstay of the legendary magazine, Adventure, chronicling Colonial life or the American frontier.

Noted for his dedication to research and historical accuracy, Hugh Pendexter authored more than seventy-five novels of period fiction.

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Title: Red Trails
Author: Hugh Pendexter
Genre: Adventure / Historical
ISBN: 978 -1-884449-42-0
Price: Trade paperback / 171 pages / Price: $14.95 US
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