Death Has An Escort

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Crime comes in many forms, great and small—but no crime compares to murder!

death_has_an_escort_websiteThe floors runs red as Roger Torrey’s classic hard-drinking P.I.s sleuth their way through eight short novels and one shorter work.

Included are:

  • Murder With Music
  • Beginning With Murder
  • Double Trouble
  • Foreign Affair
  • Winner Take Nothing
  • Death Has An Escort
  • Three Women and a Corpse
  • Plan For Murder
  • A Death In the Family
With a ground-breaking introduction by Richard A. Moore presenting a vast amount of new biographical information about Roger Torrey.
Coming in at more than 300 pages, this collection is sure to find a place on your mystery shelf!

Acclaim for the work of Roger Torrey

“Torrey sets a speedy pace.”—Hillman-Curl

“Almost anything can happen and plenty does.”—New York Post

“Torrey’s stories have dynamic punch.”—Joseph Shaw, editor, Black Mask

Book Details

Title: Death Has An Escort
Author: Roger Torrey
Genre: Fiction / Mystery
ISBN: 978 -1-884449-62-8
Price: Trade paperback / 330 pages / Price: $19.95 US
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