Shorthorn Kid, The

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From where he came, no one was sure. But one thing was certain, his natural skill with a six-gun!shorthorn_kid_website

Ride along with Tall Tim, Dick and Manuel as the Kid evolves from greenhorn to a seasoned cowhand in this string of rousing Western adventures, including:

  • The Shorthorn Kid
  • Big Swimmin'
  • Trailin' Home
  • One Town Comes Back
  • Little Man-Big Guns

With a foreword by Hugh Pendexter III.

With an introduction by Peacemaker Award winner Wayne Dundee (Dismal River).


NOTE: This edition is authorized by Hugh Pendexter III.

Book Details

Title: The Shorthorn Kid
Author: Hugh Pendexter
Genre: Western
ISBN: 978 -1-884449-54-3
Price: Trade paperback / 147 pages / Price: $14.95 US
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