In the Shadow

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Strip away the façade of sanity and discover why C.A. “Tod” Robbins is considered a curator of malevolence.

From the author of “Spurs” and “The Terrible Three,” sources for the classic horror films Freaks and The Unholy Three, comes this new collection of bizarre masterpieces to make you shudder.

SAFE AND SANEThe watchdogs of wisdom howl as the counter-effects of boredom take a mysterious twist.

UNDYING HATREDThe Hand of Death dispenses its black gift with odd equality.

IN THE SHADOWThe death of a matriarch perverts the thoughts and actions of an entire family.

THE MAN WHO ESCAPEDAn unlikely hero faces off against unavoidable Fate in this mysterious offering.

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The roots of evil clutch at the reader in these and other strangling tales.

The fiction of C.A. “Tod” Robbins has been compared to the works of Edgar Allan Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne and other masters of the weird and bizarre. In this volume, readers may savor some of Robbins’ twisted tales that have remained unavailable for decades, not collected previously in book form.

Also includes two newly discovered works!


With an introduction by Gene Christie.



Acclaim for the work of  C.A. Tod Robbins

“Mr. Robbins is no ordinary writer.”—The Nation

Praise for Silent, White and Beautiful

“Grotesque and morbid tales.”—The Bookman

“Original and strangely vivid.”—The Nation

Praise for “Safe and Sane”

“Well handled and undeservedly forgotten.”—Everett F. Bleiler

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Title: In the Shadow
Author: Tod Robbins
Genre: Fiction / Horror
ISBN: 978-1-884449-68-0
Price: Trade paperback / 223 pages / Price: $19.95 US
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