War-Nymphs of Venus

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Journey to worlds afar and combat space pirates, find a new utopian world shrouded in fear, follow an interstellar bounty hunter on his obsessive task, see man’s conquest of a frozen planet fail, and witness the Shadow Squad battle a new and unknown enemy.

This volume collects the complete contributions to Planet Stories by one of the pioneers in the science fiction genre, and includes such previously uncollected works as:

  • Monster of the Asteroid
  • The Phantom of the Seven Stars
  • The Man Who Killed the Earth
  • The Girl From Infinite Smallness
  • Revolt of the Ice Empire
  • Space-Liner X-87
  • The Star Master
  • The Flame Breathers
  • Juggernaut of Space
  • Space-Wolf
  • Gods of Space
  • The Little Monsters Come
  • War-Nymphs of Venus


With a historical introduction by Tom Roberts


Acclaim for the work of Ray Cummings

“Worthy of consideration.”—Robert A. W. Lowndes

“Infuses the reader with a feeling of high wonder.”—Sam Moscowitz, Under the Moons of Mars

“[Cummings] rated close behind Burroughs and Merritt in popularity in fantastic fiction.”—Mike Ashley

“Was one of the pioneers of the pulp and genre science fiction.”—Everett Franklin Bleiler, Science-Fiction, The Early Years


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Title: War-Nymphs of Venus
Author: Ray Cummings
Genre: Fiction / Science Fiction
ISBN: 978-1-884449-71-0
Price: Trade paperback / 354 pages / Price: $19.95 US
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