Trail of Blood, The

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trail_of_blood_websiteFrom the arid desert to the arctic wastes, adventure takes many paths. Journey with master storyteller Murray Leinster as he guides the reader on a series of thrilling exploits in remote locales around the globe.

Ju-Ju—A novel-length adventure of weird magic on the Dark Continent, reprinted from the legendary Thrill Book.

The Trail of Blood—Along a jungle route bathed in scarlet did Wellington follow a long path of conquest.

Tuilagi—Little did Wade know when he sought refuge on this island of beauty how close behind death lurked.

Jungle Stream—Life was never the same after Hepple and Schmidt steamed the Mariposita up the Amazon.

Sharks—A man learns that in the South Seas one has to be wary of sharks—not only the finned kind, but the human kind as well.

These and fifteen other pulse-pounding tales are collected, many for the first time, in The Trail of Blood.

With an introduction by Garyn G. Roberts, PhD.

Cover painting by Tom Roberts.

The complete contents includes:

  • Lost Treasures from a Master: The Early Adventure Fiction of Will F. Jenkins by Garyn Roberts
  • Ju-Ju
  • The Seventh Bullet
  • The Man Who Went Black
  • Rose o’ Sharon
  • Island Honor
  • The Red Stone
  • Sharks
  • The Man Who Didn’t Shoot
  • The Trail of Blood
  • Tuilagi
  • Jungle Stream
  • According to the Directory
  • The God Who Carried a Cane
  • The Village of the Devil-Devil Drums
  • Gun Cargo
  • Payung
  • Maehoe
  • White-Man-Devil
  • The Boast of Mat Drus
  • Borneo Devils

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Title: Trail of Blood, The
Author: Murray Leinster
Genre: Fiction / Adventure
ISBN: 978-1-884449-74-1
Price: Trade paperback / 361 pages / Price: $19.95 US
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