Red Road to Shamballah, The

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"An extremely powerful writer."—H.P. Lovecraft

The adventures of an American in the Land of Ancient Mystery.

For two times two thousand years has the coming of Shadak Khan been predicted. Now a new age dawns. In the Himalayas, at the Roof of the World, Pelham Rutledge Shattuck, soon to be known as Shadak Khan, finds his destiny when an ancient monk bestows upon him the legendary sword of Kubla Khan. Wielding this sacred weapon, Shattuck sets off to reunite an empire—and create the fabled Shamballah!

With the assistance of Champala, the mystic disciple of Buddha, and Juma, the hard-tempered Kirghiz robber chief, Shattuck fights his way through the high mountains and into the deserts of China with enemies and magic at every turn.

Will Shattuck fulfill the prophecy before the monks of the Black Arts can stop him? To find out, read the thrilling adventure in THE RED ROAD TO SHAMBALLAH.

Cover art by Tom Roberts.

Stories include:

  • The Fighting Fool
  • Where Terror Lurked
  • The Red Road
  • The Green Shiver
  • Spider Tong
  • Fang the Terrible
  • The Black Abbot
  • The Crown of Kubla


Book Details

Title: Red Road to Shamballah
Author: Perley Poore Sheehan
Genre: Adventure
ISBN: 978-1-928619-56-7
Price: $19.95 US / Trade paperback / 187 pp.
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