Zenith Rand—Planet Vigilante

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zenith_rand_websiteWith the Universe as his battlefield, Zenith Rand pilots the Venus-77 on an endless vigil through the reaches of outer space. Read the complete saga of Zenith Rand and his companion Sandra Yates in these three previously uncollected thrilling adventures.

First time in book form.

Front and back bover art by Norman Saunders.

  • Zenith Rand, Planet Vigilante
  • Revenge on Scylla
  • Angels of Oom

"Zenith Rand, Planet Vigilante offers a chance to read these pioneering spicy pulp sci-fi adventure stories that would otherwise have been lost to the casual enthusiast."—Somebody Dies.


Read the complete Somebody Dies review here.

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Title: Zenith Rand—Planet Vigilante
Author: Richard Tooker
Genre: Adventure/Science-Fiction
ISBN: 978-1-928619-46-8
Price: $12.95 US / Trade paperback / 95 pp.
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#1 2011-10-18 17:04
First time in book form is true in that it's the first time all three stories are reprinted together in one book; however, the short story "Zenith Rand, Planet Vigilante" was reprinted in _Sensuous Science Fiction From the Weird and Spicy Pulps_ (Sheldon Jaffrey, ed. Bowling Green State Popular Press, 164 pp., 1984 - ISBN 0 87972 306

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