Marching Sands

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Robert Gray, ex-Army officer turned soldier of fortune, is hired by the American Exploration Society to find the Wusun, a fabled lost race. In a race against time, taking the path traveled by Marco Polo centuries before, Gray uncovers a religious plot to keep the Wusun hidden—a plot which if revealed would rewrite the course of Eastern religious history forever!

Gray was silent while the scientist placed his finger on a wall map of Asia. He drew his finger inland from the coast of China, past the rivers and cities, past the northern border of Tibet to a blank space under the mountains of Turkestan where there was no writing.

"This is the blind spot of Asia," Balch said. "It has grown smaller, as Europeans journeyed through its borders. Tibet we know. The interior of China we know, except for this blind spot. It is—"

"In the Desert of Gobi."

"The one place explorers have been prevented from visiting. And it is here we have heard the Wusun are."

"We want you to start right off. We know that our dearest foes, the British Asiatic Society, have wind of the Wusun. They are fitting out an expedition. It will have the edge on yours because theirs will start from India, which is nearer the Gobi."

"Then it's to be a race?" Gray asked.

"A race it is," nodded Balch.

BDB Signature Series Vol. 4

Cover design by Tom Roberts

First time in paperback form.

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Title: Marching Sands
Author: Harold Lamb
Genre: Adventure
ISBN: 978-1-928619-49-9
Price: $19.95 US / Trade paperback / 174 pp.
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