Skull of Shirzad Mir, The

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skull_websiteAbdul Dost, the Moslem swordsman teams up with the Englishman Sir Ralph Weyand through four consecutive adventures— culminating in the novel, "Ameer of the Sea" —to free the imprisoned rightful ruler Shirzad Mir and restore his lands to him from the tyranny of the evil Uzbek lord, Jani Beg.

We were three men with two horses and two swords. We were outcasts in the thickets of the foot-hills of the Badakshan, under the peaks of the Roof of the World. We had earned the wrath of the Mogul of India and there were two thousand riders searching for us.

It was the year of the Ox - the year 1608 by the Christian calendar - and Jani Beg, the Uzbek, had taken Badakshan from my lord, Baber Shirzad Mir, sometimes called the Tiger Lord.

Nevertheless, we three were happy. We had taken Shirzad Mir from the hands of Jani Beg, who had marked him for death.

— thus runs the account of Abdul Dost as recorded in "Rose Face."


First time in book form.

Cover art by Tom Roberts.

Stories include:

  • The Skull of Shirzad Mir
  • Said Afzels Elephant
  • Prophecy of the Blind
  • Rose Face
  • Ameer of the Sea

"If you're looking for old-style adventure with hair's-breadth escapes, intrigue, swordplay, horsemanship, and even a bit romance  . . . you can't go wrong here."—BILL CRIDER


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Title: The Skull of Shirzad Mir—The Adventures of Abdul Dost
Author: Harold Lamb
Genre: Adventure
ISBN: 978-1-928619-41-3
Price: $19.95 US / Trade paperback / 181 pp.
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