A Transaction in Diamonds

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transaction_cover_fpo_websiteA Transaction in Diamonds assembles all of Talbot Mundy's stories and articles published during 1911, his first year as a professional writer. Included are his first published story, as well as his first British military tale, "The Phantom Battery," along with twelve other classic works of fiction and non-fiction.

With an introduction by Brian Taves (Talbot Mundy—Philosopher of Adventure).

Edited by Gene Christie.

Cover art by Tom Roberts

The Talbot Mundy Library, volume 1.

Stories include:

  • A Transaction in Diamonds
  • Pig Sticking in India
  • The Lady and the Lord
  • Single Handed Yachting
  • Kitty Burns Her Fingers
  • Vengeance Is Kitty's
  • The Phantom Battery
  • Jansen and Jansen—Twins
  • Cornelia's Englishman
  • Sentence of Death
  • The Fire-Cop
  • An Offer of Two to One
  • Kitty and Cupid
  • The Blooding of the Ninth Queen's Own

With an appendix by Tom Roberts discussing Mundy's payment rates for his early stories.

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Title: A Transaction in Diamonds: Talbot Mundy in the Pulps, 1911
Author: Talbot Mundy
Genre: Adventure
ISBN: 978-1-928619-72-7
Price: $17.95 / Trade paperback / 170 pages
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