Best of Adventure, The, Volume 1—1910-1912

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best_of_adv_v1_websiteAdventure Magazine first appeared in late 1910 and soon, attracting top name authors, became renowned for the type of fiction its name implied. It grew into a powerhouse in the genre fiction field, and was later dubbed by Time magazine, the "No. 1 Pulp." But in its early years, the magazine printed a surprisingly wide variety of fiction types—from westerns to light-hearted comedy, from South Seas tales to adventures set in the deepest jungles—to even works that could be deemed science fiction.

Culled from its first 26 issues, this collection brings together 24 of the best tales that appeared therein, including rarely or never-before reprinted works by Talbot Mundy, Damon Runyon, Rafael Sabatini, William Hope Hodgson, R. Austin Freeman, James Francis Dwyer, Frank L. Packard and others.

Selected and with an introduction by Doug Ellis.

Included are:

  • Introduction by Doug Ellis
  • Adventure by H. Bedford-Jones
  • The Soul of a Regiment by Talbot Mundy
  • The Luck of the Annie Crosby by Frederick William Wallace
  • A Soft Answer From the Kid by Willett Stockard
  • Brethren of the Beach by H.D. Couzens
  • The Pretender by Rafael Sabatini
  • A Pair of Mules by Nevil G. Henshaw
  • The Mate’s Log by Arthur Somers Roche
  • The Pied Piper, Junior by Damon Runyon
  • From the Book of Fate by George E. Holt
  • The Preacher and the Gun-Man by Hapsburg Liebe
  • The Master by George Buchanan Fife
  • The Plot of Signor Salvi by Marion Polk Angellotti
  • The Hate of Ismail Bey by Bertram Atkey
  • The White Queen of Sandakan by James Francis Dwyer
  • McQuinn, Sheriff by William Tillinghast Eldridge
  • The Albatross by William Hope Hodgson
  • The Rug of Imam by Adele M. Donovan
  • 31 New Inn by R. Austin Freeman
  • Two On Trinity by Frank Lillie Pollock
  • That Prodigious Postscript by John Lewis
  • The Bravery of Bertie McDodd by George B. Seitz
  • Captain Curlew’s Atonement by C. Langton Clarke
  • The Final Average by Frank L. Packard
  • The End by Stephen Allen Reynolds
  • The Outriders by H. Bedford-Jones

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Title: Best of Adventure, The, Volume 1—1910-1912
Author: Doug Ellis (ed.)
Genre: Adventure
ISBN: 978-1-928619-97-0
Price: $34.95 US / Trade paperback / 352 pp.
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#1 2010-06-06 18:26
I can hardly wait for this one!!! I'm also hoping for a second volume of "The Adventurers." Keep up the great work!

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