Green Spider, The

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  • A prominent scientist killed by a gigantic green spider . . .
  • The mysterious mummy that looted a London museum . . .
  • An "impossible" murder on the English moors . . .
  • The modern pirates who plundered the idle rich of Southborne . . .
  • A weird malady that tormented denizens of a country estate . . .
  • The most fiendish torture ever devised by the devilish Dr. Fu Manchu!

These and more thrilling adventures by the incomparable Sax Rohmer await the reader in The Green Spider and Other Forgotten Tales of Mystery and Suspenseincluding four stories previously unpublished in the United States!

Included are the rare and elusive works:

  • The Green Spider (1904)
  • The Death of Cyrus Pettigrew (1909)
  • The Mystery of the Marsh Hole (1905)
  • The Sedgley Abbey Tragedies (1909)
  • The Mysterious Mummy (1903)
  • The McVillin (1906)
  • Who Was the Rajah? (1905)
  • The Secret of Holm Peel (1912)
  • The Dyke Grange Mystery (1922)
  • The Haunting of Low Fennel (1920)
  • The Blue Monkey (1920)
  • The Zayat Kiss (1912)
  • The Six Gates of Joyful Wisdom (excerpted from The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu, 1916)

Edited and with an introduction by Gene Christie.

Cover art by Tom Roberts.

Praise for The Green Spider

"Fine, creepy stuff."—MysteryScene

"Not to be missed."—Dispatches From the Last Outlaw


Book Details

Title: The Green Spider
Author: Sax Rohmer
Genre: Mystery/Detective
ISBN: 978-1-928619-51-2
Price: $18.95 / Trade paperback / 186 pages
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#2 2012-02-27 22:29
I'll be ordering this soon, but I'm disappointed that one of the rare stories isn't "The Mark of the Monkey", a Nayland Smith short which appeared only in the British edition of Tales of East and West. Perhaps together with "The Turkish Yataghan" (another Smith story, in both editions of the same title) in a future collection?


Hi Karl,

"The Mark of the Monkey" appeared in the US in Collier's in 1931, and as such, is still under copyright.

All of the stories in this book and the forthcoming volume THE LEOPARD COUCH are much earlier works by Rohmer.

Thanks for your interest.

#1 2011-04-04 20:18
You should list the contents and promote this on The Page of Fu Manchu website. This would definitely help sales among Rohmer aficionados who would otherwise be leery of purchasing a collection on the assumption the stories included are available elsewhere.

PUBLISHER'S REPLY: Thank you, Bill. Yes, we will be posting about the book on The Page of Fu Manchu once copies of "The Green Spider" are actually in hand for purchase. The page listing has been updated to reflect the book's contents. Thanks. —Tom

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