Lust of the Lawless

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"Highly entertaining . . . I'd certainly recommend this book to all fans of the genre."—WESTERN FICTION REVIEW

Action, action, and more action!


Every story in this collection is packed with brutal fistfights and blazing gun battles. You'll get stalwart, two-fisted, fast-on-the-draw heroes. You'll get beautiful young women almost as tough as the heroes, and they won't hesitate to grab a gun and take the fight to the bad guys when they have to. And speaking of bad guys, you'll get plenty of despicable villains, too.

This collection brings together Robert Leslie Bellem's entire output for Spicy Western Stories, plus a short biography of the author.

With an introduction by Spur Award nominee James Reasoner.

Cover art by Allen Anderson.

Included are:

  • Meat Hunter
  • Killer's Brand
  • Powdersmoke Passion
  • Bait For a Mantrap
  • Brand of the Question-Mark
  • Lust of the Lawless
  • Coward Man's Size
  • Gold—and a Girl
Six-gun fun from start to finish!


"Every story is packed with brutal fistfights and blazing gun battles . . .  two-fisted fast on the draw heroes, plenty of despicable villains . . . Highly recommend for a good action yarn."—Amazon

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Book Details

Title: Lust of the Lawless
Author: Robert Leslie Bellem
Genre: Adventure/Western
ISBN: 978-1-928619-94-9
Price: $10.00 US / Trade paperback / 102 pp.
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