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banished_websiteReturning to St. Petersburg to claim his rightful inheritance, Ivor Petrov suddenly finds himself arrested by Czarist police as a Nihilist conspirator and sentenced to the Siberian labor camps. How could this happen? What evil powers are at work here—and for what purpose? And what can Ivor possibly do once imprisoned to prove his innocence and be set free?

The Adventures of Matthew Quin

Matthew Quin, of Hamrich & Company, travels the globe trapping big game for zoos and exhibitions. In the course of his expeditions, he finds himself thrust into a Siberian manhunt, witness to a Wild West train robbery, and hired to capture an unexpected ship’s cargo in these three exciting adventures!

  • The Man Tiger of the Ussuri Valley
  • The Strange Case of the Montana Grizzly
  • The Black Panther of Hamburg
First time in book form.


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Title: Banished!
Author: William Murray Graydon
Genre: Adventure
ISBN: 978-1-928619-95-6
Price: $10.00 US / Trade paperback / 98 pp.
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