Adventures of Jehannum Smith, The

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A two-fisted living legend among the British residency, Jehannum Smith storms his way through a string of adventures set on the Indian subcontinent, barreling headlong into one trouble after another.

He is kept grounded, and humble, by the comic relief of his devoted Madrasi manservant, Poonooswami, who never forgets to pack copious quantities of ginger biscuits and green seal whisky for any excursion.

Included are:

  • "Jehannum" Smith
  • Durga the Unapproachable
  • Worshippers of Boondi
  • Tact and Some Diplomacy (novelette)
  • Naked Men of Naga (novel)

With an introduction by Tom Roberts.
Cover art by Laurence Herndon.

About the author—

Gordon MacCreagh (1886-1953) was a real-life adventurer, explorer, world traveler, big game hunter and author. He lead a scientific expedition up the Amazon, and others into the heart of Africa. His big game hunting (and capture for circuses) took him throughout the Indian Peninsula. In 1927, MacCreagh lead a famous expedition to Abyssinia to search for the legendary Lost Ark of the Covenant.

A popular contributor to such periodicals as Adventure, All-Story, Short Stories and Argosy, his experience lends authenticity and verisimilitude to his fiction.

Book Details

Title: The Advenure of Jehannum Smith
Author: Gordon MacCreagh
Genre: Adventure
ISBN: 978 -1-884449-30-7
Price: Trade paperback / 191 pages / Price: $19.95 US
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