Secret Operative K-13

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secret_operative_k-13_cover_websiteIn the tradition of The Thirty-Nine Steps and other harrowing tales of espionage comes this thrilling novel of a spy working behind enemy lines during the Great War.

Who is K-13? No one knows. And can he be stopped?

Lift off with the dawn patrol and fly the skies over the killing fields of France to find out the exciting answers in Secret Operative K-13!

First Time in Book Form.

Cover art by Paul Stahr.


About the Author
Joel Townsley Rogers, (1896-1984), is best remembered today for his mystery novels such as The Red Right Hand and Once in A Red Moon. But beginning in the early 1920s, he was a prolific writer of short stories, contributing regularly to the booming all-fiction pulp magazine field, appearing in such titles as Adventure, Short Stories, and Everybody's.

When tales of the Great War became the rage, and aviation excitement grabbed reader interest, Rogers directed his fiction to the air war markets with numerous stories written for Wings, Air War, Air Stories, War Stories, War Novels and Flying Stories among others.

By the 1930s, he was selling to the better paying pulp markets of Argosy and All-American Fiction and quickly transitioned into the detective field with sales to Detective Fiction Weekly, Detective Tales, Detective Book Magazines, and New Detective.

After World War II, Rogers continued selling fiction to such slick market magazines as the Saturday Evening Post and turning out new mystery shorts for Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. His final novel, The Stopped Clock, appeared in 1958.

Book Details

Title: Secret Operative K-13
Author: Joel Townsley Rogers
Genre: Adventure/War
ISBN: 978-1-928619-60-6
Price: Trade paperback / 107 pages / $10.00 US
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