Raider of the Seas

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raider_of_the_seas_websiteOperating the waters from the Indian Ocean to the South China Seas, Captain Jim Colvin, aided by his partner, Chief Engineer Johnny Pedlow navigate the tramp steamerette Pulo Siburu on a string of adventures.

Never above a little smuggling themselves, the Pulo Siburu holds their own against hostile natives, Chinese pirates, smugglers and the underworld lords of Singapore all the while attempting to earn a few bucks themselves by trading and deliver goods between ports of call.

Included are:

  • Foreword by Warren Hastings Miller
  • The Arab Dhow
  • The Missing Lighthouse (with an afterword by the author)
  • Port of Battle (with an afterword by the author)
  • Raider of the Seas
  • The Peach of Pirates
  • The Racketeer Rajah
With an introduction by Tom Roberts
Cover art by Norman Saunders


About the author—Throughout his life, Warren Hastings Miller (1876-1960) led a diverse existence, first as an engineer, US Navy officer, outdoorsman, sportsman, magazine editor and author. Engineering sent him journeying throughout Europe, the Mediterranean and South East Asia. As an officer in the US Navy he learned the workings of ships and the men who served on them. And his love of the great outdoors lead to his role as editor of Field and Stream magazine. All these subjects are combined with great accuracy and drama into his fiction which he sold to both pulp and slick magazines alike.

Publisher’s note: These stories are a reflection of the time period and accepted ideals of the era in which they were written. This book contains language and opinions that some readers may find objectionable.

Book Details

Title: Raider of the Seas
Author: Warren Hastings MIller
Genre: Adventure
ISBN: 978-1-884449-10-9
Price: Trade paperback / 104 pages / Price: $10.00 US
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