A Memorial Tribute to Hugh B. Cave

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hbc_memorial_book_websiteWhen writer Hugh B. Cave passed away in 2004, Black Dog Books put out a call to the writing community asking for short testimonies to mark the passing of one so many called a dear friend. Responses quickly arrived with individuals sharing thoughts and recollections of the stellar writer with the 70+ year career spanning the pulps, the slicks, WWII nonfiction works and numerous novels.

This chapbook collects those testimonies, and includes contributions by:

  • Introduction by Tom Roberts
  • Hugh B. Cave Obituary by Jack Adrian
  • "Thinking of Hugh" by Mike Ashley
  • "My Friend Hugh" by Stephen Jones
  • "Hugh and Manly" by David Drake
  • "Thoughts on the Passing of Hugh Cave" by Milt Thomas
  • "The Hugh Cave I Remember" by Doug Ellis
  • "A Pulp Gentleman" by Robert Weinberg
  • "Give My Regards to Peggy" by Brian Lumley
  • "What Hugh Cave Taught Me About Shuffleboard" by Stefan Dziemianowicz
  • "One of the Luck Ones" by Rusty Hevelin
  • "The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship" by Don Hutchison
  • "Those Old Letters" by D.H. Olson
  • "Where the Journey's End Will Take Me" by Tom Roberts



  • Pulp Cover Gallery
  • Special Fiction Section—"The Thirty Swords" reprinted from Short Stories, May 10, 1931


A small remaining quantity of this title has been discovered onhand by BDB and is being made available for purchase in limited supply.

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Title: A Memorial Tribute to Hugh B. Cave
Author: Tom Roberts (ed.)
Genre: Non-fiction/Reference
ISBN: xxx-x-xxxxxx-xx-x
Price: Chapbook / 64 pages / Price: $10.00 US
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