Windy City Pulp Stories No.14

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windy_city_2014_hammett_westerns_websiteA collection of articles and studies relating to the detecitve pulps and the Western pulps.

A must have for anyone interested in the history of the pulp magazine field!

Included are:

Dashiell Hammett and the Detective Pulps

  • House Burglary Poor Trade  (An interview with Dashiell Hammett) by Helen Herbert Foster
  • Sex, Deftly Handled by H. Bedford-Jones
  • Shall We Write Sex Stories? (A reply to "Sex, Deftly Handled") by Dashiell Hammett and H. Bedford-Jones
  • How Philo Vance, Clubfoot and Charlie Chan Were Born by H.F. Manchester
  • Do You Want to Become A Writer? Or Do You Want to Make Money? by Joseph T. Shaw
  • Dialogue by Joseph T. Shaw
  • Cleve F. Adams: Black Knight, Cannibal and Forgotten Man by Evan Lewis
  • The Maltese Falcon on Film: A Photo Gallery


Special Fiction Section

  • The Road Home as by Peter Collinson (Dashiell Hammett)


The Western Pulps

  • Western Fiction Discussed by Eugene Manlove Rhodes by William McLeod Raine
  • To the Prolific Belong the Spoils by George C. Henderson
  • Get Your Villainy First by W.D. Hoffman
  • Write 'em, Cowboy! (An interview with William McLeod Raine) by Herbert Cerwin
  • The Western Story Lives (1931) by J.R. Johnston
  • Clarence E. Mulford Lets His Stories "Grow" by Harold L. Cail
  • The Western Story Today (1934) by Edmund Collier
  • Mean Pete Growls! (An interview with Western author Peter Brandvold) by Tom Roberts
  • My Favorite Western Pulps and Authors by James Reasoner


Art Focus—
Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Births of Virgil Finlay, Hannes Bok and Edd Cartier

  • Autobiography and art gallery by Virgil Finlay
  • Hannes Bok biography and art gallery by Robert Weinberg
  • My Glazing Technique (1945) by Hannes Bok
  • Edd Cartier biography and art gallery by Robert Weinberg


Film Focus—

  • From Pulp to the Silver Screen, 2014 by Ed Hulse


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Title: Windy City Pulp Stories No.14
Author: Tom Roberts (ed.)
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