Windy City Pulp Stories No.10

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A collection of articles and studies by some of the leading scholars in the field examining Adventure magazine and why it was considered the top of the line in the pulp magazine field.

A must have for anyone interested in the history of the pulp magazine field!

Included are:

Articles on Adventure magazine—

  • Forgotten Giant: Hoffman's Adventure by Richard Bleiler
  • Walt Coburn's Fiction for Adventure by Mike Chomko
  • Captain of Adventure: Luigi Caradosso by Frank D. McSherry, Jr.
  • Scobee's Mountain by Kurt Shoemaker
  • Harold Lamb's Heroes of Adventure by Frank D. McSherry, Jr.

Vintage Articles also of interest—

  • Adventure's Creed
  • "Called Adventure" (trade announcement of first issue)
  • "Adventure" (from 1001 Places to Sell Manuscripts, 1911)
  • "On Adventure's Twenty-Fifth Anniversary" by Arthur Sullivant Hoffman
  • "Adventure's Editorial Demands" by August Lenniger
  • "Adventure Gets a Move On" by Jack Hunter
  • "Arthur Sullivant Hoffman" (biography from 1915) by Bertram S. Stephenson
  • "The Stories Editors Buy and Why" (1921) by Arthur Sullivant Hoffman

Award Recognition—

  • 2009 Lamont Award Winner Bill Thom Recognition

Special Fiction Section—

  • In a Fog Bank by Frederick William Wallace (reprinted from Adventure, October 1912)

Film focus—

  • Pulp to the Silver Screen 2010 by Ed Hulse

Cover art by Walter M. Baumhofer

Back cover photo montage "The Men Behind Adventure" by Tom Roberts

ADVENTURE, with its distinctive logo design, is a trademark (TM) of Argosy Communications, Inc. Used with permission.


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Title: Windy City Pulp Stories No. 10
Author: Tom Roberts (ed.)
Genre: Non-fiction/Reference
ISBN: 978-1-928619-93-2
Price: $12.95 / Trade paperback / 126 pages
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