Shark Strikes, The

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shark_strikes_webTHE SHARK STRIKES: The Collected Adventures of Shark Gotch
by Albert Richard Wetjen
Edited and with an introduction by Doug Ellis.

The terror of the South Seas lives again!

Few heroes of fiction are like Shark Gotch: cruel, often a killer by nature, ruthless; yet absolutely an honest man loyal to his creed that would got to any length to avenge a wrong done to himself or his friends. Shark Gotch's name struck terror from Sydney to Singapore. Known as the fastest man with a gun, strong men thought it wise to steer clear of Gotch and his wrath.

One of the most thrilling characters to emerge from the action-adventure magazines, the volume assembles more than two dozen stories, collected from the pages of Danger Trail, Action Stories and other sources.

Bonus: included are non-fiction articles, photographs and additional background material by and about Albert Richard Wetjen.

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Title: The Shark Strikes: The Collected Adventures of Shark Gotch
Author: Albert Richard Wetjen
Genre: Adventure
ISBN: ———
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#2 2011-11-17 21:21
Count me in on buying these books. I am at present digesting some of the more battered of his books.

Thank you Richard.
#1 2011-07-26 07:30
Tom, is this shark's complete aventures or will there be more?—Ralph


Yes, by the time BDB completes the project, the Shark Gotch collection will be the complete adventures, but ... Given the length of a number of these stories (many are novella length) they will have to be collected into more than one volume.

The Typhon Bradley, Gentleman Paul, Chang and other characters by Wetjen will all be collected in the Shark Gotch volumes. They all share a common chronology and make up a large canon of adventures.


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