Soul of a Regiment, The

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soul_cover_sample_websiteA collection of stories and articles published by Mundy in the pages of the Adventure pulp magazine during his second year as a professional writer. Includes the classic “The Soul of a Regiment,” plus “The Man Who Saw,” “The Payment of Quinn’s Debt,” eleven other tales and non-fiction pieces, along with a new historical introduction.

The Talbot Mundy Library, volume 2.

Included are:

  • For Valour
  • The Soul of a Regiment
  • The Chaplain of the Mullingars
  • W. Mayes—the Amazing
  • The Queen—God Bless Her!
  • Francis Bannerman—A Man of Mystery and History (as by Walter Galt)
  • T.C. Ansell—Adventurer
  • Elephant Hunting for a Living (as by Walter Galt)
  • The Cowards
  • The Payment of Quinn's Debt
  • In Winter Quarters
  • The Man Who Saw
  • Honor
  • Rabbit

Cover art by Tom Roberts

Book Details

Title: Soul of a Regiment, The
Author: Talbot Mundy
Genre: Adventure
ISBN: 978-1-928619-73-8
Price: $18.95 US / Trade paperback / 178 pp.

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