He Rules Who Can

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The Viking Harald Sigurdsson and his men sail to Constantinople—the glory of the world, rich, guileful, corrupt and dangerous as a nest of cobras—in search of fortune. There, he and his men quickly become involved in the intrigues of the Varangian Guard, Emperor Michael V’s elite Norse bodyguard, as factions pit themselves against each other, striving for the ultimate prize—the throne of Byzantium.

Ripped from the pages of Argosy, He Rules Who Can is filled with sieges, sea-battles, and enough political intrigue to keep you on the edge of your seat!

First time in book form.

[Reprinted by arrangement with Argosy Communications, Inc. All rights reserved.]

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Title: He Rules Who Can
Author: Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur
Genre: Adventure
ISBN: ——
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