Altar of the Legion, The

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altar_of_the_legion_cover_sample_websiteThis is a tale of the lost land of Lyonesse—that last far-flung colony of Rome in Britain—whose marble palaces and beautiful terraces, tradition says, once shone in the sunlight at the very end of Cornwall and now lie buried fathoms deep under the waters that roll between Land's End and the Scilly Isles. Here dwelt the last "Romans"—half Romans, half Britains—who gloried in the power and grandeur of the great Roman Empire, and joined with their savage Welsh and Irish and Celtic neighbors in repulsing the marauding Saxon heathen who poured down upon the coast of Britain to seize the land and enslave the peoples.


To Bellerium, the great city of Legionis Asa comes as envoy Meriaduc, son of King Owain of Wales, to ask for troops. Drusus, the Prefect, for the honor of Rome, goes forth with an inadequate following to join the harassed Britons, to strive to outwit and outfight the Saxon.

Originally serialized in Adventure, The Altar of the Legion is a stirring story of daring and historical adventure, telling of events that could have given rise to the legends of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.

[Reprinted by arrangement with Adventure Pulp, LLC. All rights reserved.]

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Title: Altar of the Legion, The
Author: Farnham Bishop & Arthur Gilchrist Broduer
Genre: Adventure
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#1 2011-02-07 02:47
A rousing and stirring adventure tale for young people. Not a new book, and some might consider it out-dated now. Having studied Latin and been steeped in the history of Rome, as well as Arthurian legend, it was my favorite book in high school years. The poem in the introduction, "The Lost Land," has an irresistable meter and cadence to set the stage for the story. Highly recommended.

PUBLISHER'S REPLY: Thank you, Joe. The text for this edition of "The Altar of the Legion" will be set typeset from the magazine appearance differing somewhat from the book version.—Tom

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