Golden Goshawk, The—eBook

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From Borneo to the Sulu Sea and Oriental ports in between, follow the adventures of Captain Dan Marguard as his sloop, the Gadfly, battles pirates, smugglers, headhunters, witch doctors and the infamous White Wolf of Nipe. Aided by his two Elder Brothers, Ni-Ling Tong and Koh Hum, Marguard operates on both sides of the law through these four dynamite adventures assembling from rare pulp pages of Danger Trail, Wide World Adventures and Far East Adventure Stories.

Included are the stories—

  • The Golden Goshawk
  • The Jest of the Jade Joss
  • Ruby Eyes of Rhibi
  • Midnight Magic On Mindanao

First time in book form.

With an introduction by Tom Roberts.

Cover art by William Reusswig.


Also available by H. Bedford-Jones:

The Master of Dragons


"This is an excellent new collection. For fans of pulp adventure fiction, I can't recommend The Golden Goshawk highly enough. . . . A must-have as far as I'm concerned." —JAMES REASONER, author of Death Head Crossing, Dust Devils, Texas Wind, etc.

". . . Enjoyed the heck out of it. This is wonderful stuff!" — The Broken Bullhorn


Read the Rough Edges review here.

"The writing is vivid and—if sometimes breathless—always clear. Modern writers . . . could learn a lot from Bedford-Jones. .  . ."—MARTIN H. PAGE/ (Read the compete review here.)

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Title: Golden Goshawk, The—eBook
Author: H. Bedford-Jones
Genre: Adventure
ISBN: 978-1-928619-86-4
Price: $2.99 ebook
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