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trail_of_the_snake2_website"Norvell W. Page's Western tales are pure fun, filled with smoking guns, thundering hooves, and beautiful women. . . . If entertainment in the grand pulp style is what you're looking for, you've surely come to the right place."

—Anthony Award and Derringer Award winner Bill Crider, from his introduction

For millions of readers, the name Norvell Page is synonymous with the pulse-pounding, red-hot adventures of The Spider. Years before he was guiding The Spider, Page was turning out dozens of short mysteries and Westerns.

Here, collected in paperback for the first time, are all of Norvell Page's known Western works, including his first fiction sale, "Corralled." In these stories you'll find the same blazing excitement, the same imperiled women, unique villains and six-gun justice as dolled out in The Spider!

Included are:

  • "Norvell Page and Me" by Bill Crider
  • Trail of the Snake
  • Secret Guns
  • Brand of the Cougar
  • Hell's Backtrail
  • Corralled
  • About the Author by Tom Roberts

Cover art by Walter M. Baumhofer.

"Another outstanding collection from Black Dog Books."—Dispatches From the Last Outlaw.

"Another beautifully produced book from Black Dog Books. . . . The stories contain neat twists, a couple of which I didn’t anticipate, which in turn provide some neat outcomes."—Western Fiction Review

"Frontier justice spills out of every page of Trail of the Snake, a good read, with FIVE STARS hanging over the marshals door for good measure. Highly recommend!"—Amazon

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Title: Trail of the Snake
Author: Norvell Page
Genre: Western
ISBN: 978-1-884449-19-2
Price: $2.99
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