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nomads_trail_website"These are some of the most purely entertaining pulp Western yarns you'll ever read."—James Reasoner

Hit the owlhoot trail as Simon Bolivar Grimes, tassle-headed youth from Georgia, sets off for Crocket County, Texas in search of his Uncle Carter.

Immediately following the death of his close friend Robert E. Howard, E. Hoffmann Price created Simon Bolivar Grimes, a young, naive, humorous cowboy, in the tradition of Howard's own popular tales of Breckinridge Elkins.

Premiering in the first issue of Spicy Western Stories in 1937, Grimes boasts, brawls, rambles and rolls his way from outlaw to hero, learning a little bit about living and loving along the way.

Collected are the first twelve stories of the saga, Including:

  • Tenderfoot
  • Treason's Kiss
  • Grimes, Outlaw
  • Reward of Valor
  • Skeleton Creek Feud
  • Feud's End
  • Hoodoo Town
  • Salt Crazy
  • Too Many Cooks
  • Grimes Gets Religion
  • Hungry Valley
  • Nomad's Trail
With a new introduction by James Reasoner.
Cover art by Allen Anderson.

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Title: Nomad's Trail
Author: E. Hoffmann Price
Genre: Western / Adventure
ISBN: 978-1-928619-62-8
Price: $3.99 ebook
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