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Samuel Larkin Shay, United States citizen from Cairo, Illinois €”but for the past six years a restless rover of the Asiatic tropics. For six hard, weary years, Singapore Sammy has been hunting for a man. For six years, in every manner of conveyance, from ox cart to lady liner, from Malay proa to airplane, he has followed the tortuous trail; losing it, picking it up again. It has taken him from Pekin to the Punjab, from Ceylon to the Celebes and far beyond. The man in question is Singapore Sammy'€™s father, Bill Shay €”whom Sammy has several accounts to settle with. The old rascal deserted Sammy and his mother when Sammy was but an infant of two. Upon departing, Bill Shay took Sammy'€™s grandfather'€™s will, which leaves a fortune to Sammy. The estate cannot be claimed without the will—and Sammy wants that will! Follow Singaporesouth_of_sulu_website Sammy on a string of five thrilling adventures in pursuit of his evasive father.
  • In "The Blue Fire Pearl," watch as Sammy outfoxes the Maharajah of Malobar to win the great jewel.
  • In "Cobra," share his revenge on Armand de Silvio, a crooked dealer of pearls and diamonds.
  • See how Sammy manhandles Big Nick Stark, smuggler, blackbirder, island trader, and "€œthe toughest egg south of Shanghai" in "South of Sulu."
  • €In "The Pink Elephant," laugh as Sammy steals a war elephant, and uses it to capture a fabled sacred pachyderm, which was to be presented to the King of Siam.
  • Sammy encounters his rogue father and squares off against him in a race to recover a sunken treasure in"Octopus"!


BDB Signature Series Vol. 5

Cover art by George J. Rozen

"What are you waiting for? . . . These stories are a fun kick in the pants. . . .Settle back and enjoy."—The Broken Bullhorn

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Title: South of Sulu
Author: George F. Worts
Genre: Adventure
ISBN: 978-1-928619-50-5
Price: $5.99 ebook
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