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twice_murdered_web"Twice Murdered is an excellent addition to the Black Dog Books line . . . if you're a pulp fan, I highly recommend it." —JAMES REASONER, author of Death Head Crossing, Dust Devils, Texas Wind, etc.

"Black Dog Books has finally brought Donovan out of Lester Dent's shadow, and he won't be going back."—DAVY CROCKETT'S ALMANACK

This first collection of the fiction of Laurence Donovan assembles twelve thought-provoking mysteries, including such works as "The Greyhound Murders," "Death Dances on Dimes," "She Loved To Murder," "Come In, Killer" and others.

If you enjoy solid, hard nosed period set detective fiction, this is the collection for you.



Between assignments ghostwriting Doc Savage, The Whisperer, The Skipper, The Black Bat and The Phantom Detective, Laurence Donovan wrote hundreds of shorter works in the detective, adventure, mystery and western fields. This first collection of his fiction assembles twelve thought-provoking mysteries.

Included are the stories—

  • A Dame Murders Cold
  • The Greyhound Murders
  • Death Dances on Dimes
  • The Snoop
  • Twice Murdered
  • Never Hire A Killer
  • Regan Follows Up
  • Two Can Play At Murder
  • She Loved To Murder
  • The Man Who Came To Die
  • Come In, Killer
  • Footprint of Destiny
Bonus: Also included is a bibliography of Donovan's writings.

First time in book form.

With an introduction by Tom Roberts.

Cover art by Lyman Anderson.


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Title: Twice Murdered
Author: Laurence Donovan
Genre: Mystery/Detective
ISBN: 978-1-928619-90-1
Price: $4.99 ebook
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