Perley Poore Sheehan

A brief biography from 1912.

sheehan_websitePerley Poore Sheehan has had a rather large experience with the urban aspect of life. A native of Cincinnati, he worked his way through Union College, and then for ten years was an active journalist in New York, London, and Paris. During most of this time he was associated with the foreign service of the New York Herald and the New York Times. Suffering at last from old-fashioned homesickness, he returned to America a few years ago, and joined the editorial staff of the Frank A. Munsey Company. He was tired of city life, however, and soon afterward withdrew to a deserted orange plantation he had bought on the estuary of the St. John's [Florida]. He remained there for two years. He is once more connected with the Munsey organization.

Black Dog Books has published one collection of stories by Perley Poore Sheehan, The Red Road to Shamballah, assembling the mystic adventures of Pelham Shattuck, also known as Shadak Kahn, into book form.

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