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More Bedford-Jones On the Way


bedford-jones__thumbnail_photoFor those who keep asking . . . the answer is yes! More titles by H. Bedford-Jones are on the way.

The next title, Master of Dragons, collecting the adventures of O'Neill and Burket, two American soldiers of fortune in China in the 1930s, should be out by September.

Check back often for further updates.


New Titles Coming Soon!


mundy_in_jerusalem_small_croppedMore Mundy and adventure works on the way!

We will shortly be sending eight new titles to the printers: 5 adventure works, 2 horror collections and a sci-fi title, and taking advance orders for them soon.

More new titles and other surprises are also in the works.

Check back often for updates and notices.

Shout Out of the Week June 3, 2010


Morgan Holmes give a shout out to some of our upcoming titles on the Robert E. Howard United Press Association blog page today.

Discussing our series of titles collecting stories from the pages of Adventure magazine, Morgan writes: "Now you can find out yourself why Robert E. Howard did everything possible to get issues of Adventure three times a month in the early 1920s."

His write up can be read here.

Thanks, Morgan!

Shout Out of the Week June 5, 2010


best-of-adventure-vol-1-thumbnail-websitePaul Bishop over at Bish's Beat gives a Shout Out for our forthcoming title, The Best of Adventure, Volume 1 edited by Doug Ellis.  Thanks Paul! (He previously posted  some earlier BDB titles as well, but I did not get the chance to acknowledge those mentions. )

You can follow his posts about "eclectic meanderings on books, music, the rat pack, the lounge life, '60s spy movies/series, y/a novels, comics, and anything else of mild amusement" here.

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