New titles now available!


master_of_dragons_website_thumbnailWe now have two exciting new titles now available for purchase:

The Master of Dragons by H.Bedford-Jones

The Master of Dragons presents the adventures of O'Neill and Burket, two American soldiers of fortune in China during the power hungry and turbulent days of the waning 1920s,

Secret Operative K-13 by Joel Townsley Rogers.

In the tradition of The Thirty-Nine Steps and other harrowing tales of espionage comes this thrilling novel of a spy working behind enemy lines during the Great War.

Who is K-13? No one knows. And can he be stopped?

Lift off with the dawn patrol and fly the skies over the killing fields of France to find out the exciting answers in Secret Operative K-13!

More thrills and excitement from your home for adventure, Black Dog Books!