4 New Titles Now Available


We have several new books now ready for purchase. More action, adventure, classic science fiction and pulp studies!

They are:

Raider of the Seas by Warren Hastings Miller—Captain Jim Colvin combats pirates, natives, rivaling sultans and other threats.

King Corrigan's Treasure by H. D. Couzens—the collected adventures of Captain Billy Englehart.

The Nebula of Death by George Allan England—Earth's impending passage through a strange cosmic nebula will destroy all life on the planet. Can we be saved?

Windy City Pulp Stories No.11—a celebration of the pulp magazines published by Popular Publications with interviews, essays and other nonfiction articles.

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Show your support and order your copies direct from us (as opposed to other outlets such as Amazon). Direct orders do make a big difference in keeping operations for specialty publishers alive and vibrant. Thank you.