Best of Adventure, Vol. 2 Line Up


While the final running order has yet to be set, 20 stories have been selected from between 1913 and 1914 for inclusion in Volume 2 of The Best of Adventure series.

The stories, include authors both familiar and forgotten to today's readers, represent historical and modern-set fiction (modern as in circa 1914) in all corners of the globe.

Those stories selected are:

"Orders Gray" by Marion Polk Angellotti [Medieval Italy]
"The Black Violin" by Nevil G. Henshaw [New Orleans]
"The Capture of Lone Bill" by Hapsburg Liebe [Western]
"Paid" by W. Townend [Afghanistan]
"The Shanghaied Policeman" by S.B.H. Hurst [New York]
"The Sea-Wife's Challenge" by Henry Oyen [Brooklyn; North Atlantic; some fantasy elements]
"In a Righteous Cause" by Talbot Mundy [India]
"Messire Richard" by Warwick Deeping [Medieval England]
"The Word of Borgia" by Raphael Sabatini [Renaissance Italy]
"The Getting of Boh Na-Ghee" by Gordon McCreagh [Burma]
"Clearing a Snarl" by Frederick William Wallace [North Atlantic fishing]
"Down the River" by G.W. Ogden [Colonial Mississippi]
"The Impulsiveness of Black Douglas" by Stephen Chalmers [Northwest Mounties]
"The Chang-Hwa Pearl" by H.D. Couzens [China; South Seas; Hawaii]
"Queen of the Species" by Prince Sarath Ghosh [India]
"The Taking of Peter Pan" by George Brydges Rodney [Mexico; humorous]
"Ultimate Inheritors" by Berg Bellair [Mojave Desert; science fiction]
"A Maker of Wars" by Edgar Wallace [Africa; humorous]
"Safe or Out?" by Hugh S. Fullerton [Ohio; baseball; humorous]
"The Greenstone Mask" by Allan Dunn [South Seas]

As we near the late July 2011 publication date, check back for future announcements about the Best of Adventure, Vol.2— 1913-1914 in the offing.