The Man Who Found Zero Reviewed

A nice write up of The Man Who Found Zero can be found over at Scoop (Diamond International Galleries) today.

man_who_found_zero_thumbnail_websiteReviewer Mark Squirek writes: "A richly awarding anthology that is guaranteed to give you thrills and also introduce you to something you may have never thought of before, that the answer to the future may be in the past.

"What is fascinating . . . is the way so many of the stories seemed to foreshadow or hint at what was coming in the next few generations of writers."

Squirek goes on to comment editor Gene Christie did a "bang up job" on this book and its preceeding volume, The Space Annihilator, and concludes by saying: "Black Dog is one of the best reprint and anthology houses around. Each paperback and hardcover they publish is a work unto itself. "

You can read Mark's complete review here.

To learn more, or to purchase a copy, visit our listing for The Man Who Found Zero.