Four New Titles Now Available


Hello to everyone from Black Dog Books. Let’s take a moment from all those summer activities, set down our glass and ask ourselves: “What have we read recently?”

We have some fantastic additions to our catalog of titles, with something we hope for every taste. The first batch of our summer releases are now available for purchase! This includes an exciting selection of mystery, suspense, heroic adventure/air war and historical works.

rajah_from_hell_slideshow_websiteTHE RAJAH FROM HELL by H. Bedford-Jones

First book publication

A Hindu prince seeks retribution for an ancient offense. Now four men have been marked for murder!

"These are superb yarns of suspense, written in terse, hardboiled prose."—James Reasoner, from his introduction.

To learn more, or to purchase a copy, visit our BDB webpage listing for The Rajah From Hell.


dusty_ayres_slideshow_websiteDUSTY AYRES—INVASION OF THE BLACK LIGHTNING by Robert Sidney Bowen

The Black Lightning invaders seek to annihilate the civilized world. Can Dusty Ayres, America's Battle Ace, stop them?

For the first time, the initial three novel-length adventures of Dusty Ayres are brought together in one unparalleled volume. Packed with thrills and excitement, this is sure to be the "don't miss" item of the season! With an introduction by Tom Roberts.

To learn more, or to purchase a copy, visit our BDB webpage listing for Dusty Ayres—Invasion of The Black Lightning.

bring_em_back_dead_slideshow_websiteBRING 'EM BACK DEAD by George Fielding Eliot

First book publication

It's 1935. Crime runs unchecked. Something must be done! Enter the G-Men. Meet Dan Fowler, ace operative of the FBI!

When organized crime rears its ugly head, the FBI turns to its best operative, Dan Fowler, to track down kidnappers, bust a smuggling ring, and spill the blood of a band of international counterfeiters in these three action-charged novels .

With an introduction by Matt Hilton, bestselling author of the action-packed Joe Hunter series from HarperCollins.

To learn more, or to purchase a copy, visit our listing for Bring 'Em Back Dead.

in_the_name_of_honor_slideshow_websiteIN THE NAME OF HONOR by Albert Payson Terhune

First book publication

An officer is convicted of an offense he did not commit. Now he must fight his way back—to regain his personal honor—to honor his commitment to President Lincoln—and to once more win the heart of the woman he loves.

"His stories are of surpassing merit, in selection of historical period, development of plot, and purity of English."—H.P. Lovecraft

To learn more, or to purchase a copy, visit our listing for In the Name of Honor.